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Clutter-free and Minimal Gift Ideas For Christmas

If you’re in need of some Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones that won’t add clutter but will add true value to their lives, I’ve curated a list of giftable experiences and consumables that will do just the trick!


Experience-based gifts are always a good idea because that’s where memories are made. I’m sure your loved ones will definitely remember these types of gifts over any other scarf or PJ set that they’ll receive on Christmas.


For the event-goer, gift tickets to:

  • Concerts

  • Sports games

  • Comedy shows

  • Museums and exhibits

  • Live dance performances

  • Broadway shows

  • The Symphony Orchestra

  • The movie theater

  • Wine tours

  • Restaurant gift cards for an in-dining experience



These are both practical and fun!

  • Cooking classes

  • Dance or yoga classes

  • Painting or music lessons

  • Swimming or sports lessons

  • Workout subscriptions or gym memberships

  • Streaming subscriptions (Netflix, Spotify, Disney Plus, etc.)

  • Meditation subscriptions (Calm, Headspace, Chopra, etc.)



Treat your loved ones to some rest and relaxation with:

  • An Airbnb gift card for their next vacay getaway

  • Massages, facials, mani/pedis or an entire day at the spa


Gifts that can be consumed will not only avoid cluttering, but will be sure to bring some joy to your recipient!




  • If you want to get practical, give the gift of a gas gift card. I received a bunch of these from my students a couple of years ago and I didn’t have to pay for gas for months! It was amazing and I know this would be highly appreciated by anyone with a car, considering the soaring gas prices we have now.


Finally, I think one of the best gifts you can give is YOUR TIME. Ask your loved ones what they REALLY NEED this holiday season. Don’t underestimate the power of giving new parents a night off or helping a friend finish a DIY home project.

It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday shopping season, so don’t forget to take time to reflect on what Christmas is really all about. The excitement of new material items fade quickly, but creating memories and spending quality time with those you love will last a lifetime. Strive to live a life of intention and presence and it will bring you more joy than you could ever imagine.

Hope this helps!

Happy holidays,



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