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The Ultimate List of Valentine's Gifts That Won't Add Clutter To Your Home

Looking for gift ideas this Valentine’s day that won't add to the existing clutter? Have no fear because we’ve got a list of the best clutter-free gift ideas to help you out.

Sometimes Valentine's day can feel overwhelming for people. The expectation and pressure of giving gifts can be a little much, but I truly believe that you don't need to give material items to show someone you love them. I also believe that Valentine's day doesn't have to be the only day that you do something nice for the people you love, but it's a good reminder that we should still practice beyond this little holiday.

With that being said, if you are planning on giving gifts while being an intentional and minimalist consumer check out this list of clutter-free gift ideas:


Clutter-free Valentine's Gift Option #1: GET CREATIVE

The most creative gifts are also the most heart warming because it really shows the thought that was put into it. If you're not usually creative, it might be fun to catch your recipient off guard with these simple but sentimental ideas:

  • Create a playlist just for them

  • Put together a slideshow of your favourite memories together

  • Write love letters or notes to each other

  • Do a photoshoot together


Clutter-free Valentine's Gift Option #2: CONSUMABLES

Consumables are the perfect gift that can be thoroughly enjoyed but won't take up space in your home forever! We've got:

  • Flowers (cue Miley Cyrus)... yup, I went there. Now that you've got that song playing in your head, I think we can agree that no matter who buys you flowers it always brings a pop of colour, joy, and life into your space.

  • Sweets! These are a go-to for Valentine's day for a reason... I mean who doesn't love a good cookie, fresh donut, or mound of chocolate?!

  • A charcuterie box - this smorgasbord of deliciousness is sure to cover all their cravings from sweet to salty! Our good friend at @served.charcuterie makes the most magical boxes. Check it out below.


Clutter-free Valentine's Gift Option #3: EXPERIENCES & QUALITY TIME

These 2 can go hand in hand!

  • Treat them (or yourself) to a whole spa day or single treatment. You could go for a facial to tackle the winter dullness or go for something that we all could use, a massage! Check out our favourite RMT, Lauren, at @laurenbucoyrmt. She has a mobile business that gives you a massage experience from the comfort of your own home!

  • If you're not too savvy in the kitchen, it's always fun to get dressed up and go out for a nice meal together. Bring a card game like We're Not Really Strangers or {The And} to get the conversation flowing and keep it interesting to say the least.

  • You can watch a movie together, go on a hike, watch a live performance, go bowling, or basically just do your favourite activity together. I always say that at the end of the day you'll remember the memories you made more than any material gifts that you accumulate over the years. Making memories are the best and that's really what life is all about, right?


Clutter-free Valentine's Gift Option #4: ACTS OF SERVICE

This love language proves that actions speak louder than words. I think we can all agree that we appreciate it when someone goes out of their way to help out with something or to do something nice. When they give you their time and energy, it shows that they care.

  • Instead of going out for dinner, you can stay in and cook for them. Sometimes there is nothing that says "I love you" more than a home-cooked meal or breakfast in bed.

  • You can deep clean the house or finish any lingering home projects that just can’t seem to get done... (Yeah, you know that project they've been nagging you about for months? That one!)

  • If you think your loved one would appreciate the help at home, you can also give an e-gift card towards any of our Tula Living decluttering, organizing, or design services. It's the perfect gift for your Galentine too! (Learn more about how we can help here.)

And there you have it! The ultimate list of Valentine's gifts that won't add clutter to your home.

Valentine's day doesn't always have to be about romantic love. You can show family, friends, and even yourself some love through so many other ways that aren't material gifts. I truly believe that our time, energy, and presence are the most important gifts that we can give to one another. Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope this helps! If you have any other ideas, please share below. I'd love to hear them!





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