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How To Handle Indecisiveness While Decluttering

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Do you feel overwhelmed or get stuck while decluttering and reorganizing? Can’t decide on if you should still keep something or let it go? If you can relate, we’ll dive into why that might be and how to handle indecisiveness so you can move forward with ease.

When it's time to declutter, we must ask ourselves if our items are WORTH keeping anymore. We must assess if they continue to serve us physically, emotionally or neither. Otherwise, in the words of Chuck Palahniuk, “the things you own end up owning you”.

So, here are 5 questions that may help you make more confident decisions:

Question #1 - Do you still use it? When was the last time you used it?

Sometimes we find items and say, "I totally forgot I even had this!" If you don't remember the last time you used it, let it go. You lived without it and can probably continue living without it.


Question #2 - Do you think you'll use it again soon or are you holding on for a "just in case" moment?

This is a tricky one because our emotions can play with us here. The fear of scarcity or loss can lead us to believe that we absolutely need to keep it for hypothetical future situations. If this is the case, let it go. You can always find a solution to whatever hypothetical situation you're thinking of, if and when it comes.

You don't need to be over-prepared for everything.


Question #3 - Does it bring you joy and happiness?

There are items that make this feeling very clear and other items that feel not so clear. The iffy ones probably don’t bring you much joy and if it’s not functional, let it go. If you want to live the life you desire, create it by intentionally keeping the things you LOVE and not just like.


Question #4 - Can it be repaired or is it beyond repair?

I know someone who kept his underwear even though it had large holes in it. He was willing to keep it if the holes could be sewn up. If you’re not willing to get it repaired, let it go.

If it can’t be repaired, let it go.


Question #5 - Can someone else enjoy this more than you right now?

Lastly, life is sweeter when we can bring joy to other people's lives. If your answer to this question is yes, then let it go. This item already served it's purpose to you, so now maybe it's time to serve it's purpose for someone else.


Going through these questions can help you make better decisions, but if you really feel like you need additional guidance and help, get in touch with us and we can lend a hand!

I hope this helps!





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