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Colour psychology: Finding the perfect colour for your mood and energy levels

When picking out paint and decor, it’s important to carefully consider which colours you really want as it will set the mood and vibe that you want to surround yourself with. The best choice is always the colour that speaks to YOU the most. What’s your favourite colour? Can you look in your closet and see what colours you wear most often?

If you want to explore more, listed below are different colour options that correspond with certain emotions and energy levels.


If you want to feel powerful and bold, red definitely makes a statement. It’s associated with passion, anger, fierceness, and aggression. It is quite intense, so be careful how you use it because it can invoke stress and affect concentration. If you want to go for something elegant and formal, opt for a darker red like maroon.


If you want stimulation, warmth and energy, go with orange. It’s a vibrant colour that can intensify your senses. It’s another colour to use carefully because it tends to make people feel rushed but it’s also associated with positivity.


This is another energetic colour that reflects sunshine and positivity. It invokes feelings of joy, happiness and excitement. To the human eye, it’s the most exhausting colour to process for long periods of time. Although it can stimulate concentration, it can also cause irritability and headaches after long exposure. Try opting for a pale or muted yellow in spaces if you want to combat this.


Since it reflects the qualities of nature, it’s a great colour to help you feel grounded and calm. It’s the easiest colour for the human eye to process, which makes it a great choice in any room. Green is associated with healing, balance, rest and nurturing energy.


This colour is commonly used because of it’s calming essence. It’s incredibly soothing, cooling, relaxing and tranquil to look at. Blue represents wisdom, loyalty, cleanliness, and spirituality. It has a surprising effect on heart rates by lowering it.

Purple (or violet)

A lot of musicians and artists tend to lean towards this colour, so if you want to feel inspired and creative go with purple. It’s associated with royalty, intuition, sophistication and divinity. Lighter tints of purple can help you feel rested and relaxed.


If you want something fun, playful and lighthearted go for pink. Its youthful and vibrant energy can help you feel optimistic and joyful. This colour can also have a calming and soothing effect. It’s not only for little girls!

Black and white

Black can help you feel grounded and create a sense of clarity in a chaotic space.

White is crisp, clean and calming. It can be cooling with cooler undertones and comforting with warmer undertones.


Ultimately, you know which colours you lean towards the most, but this is a great guide for what each colour can bring to your life. If you need any assistance with the best ways to incorporate colour into your particular space, get in touch with us and we'll see how we can help!

Hope this helps!





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