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How Does Spring Cleaning Benefit Your Mental Health?

Updated: Mar 21

Need some motivation for spring cleaning? Don't you worry, we got you! Keep reading for a free checklist with journaling prompts at the end to help you get started and stay on track.

Let's be real, most of our homes do not look like the perfectly curated images on social media. We are too busy living life and creating memories to worry about maintaining perfect spaces every day. But after a long winter, it can be nice to press the reset button. By participating in spring cleaning, you’re taking sustainable steps towards creating and maintaining a peaceful home.


Anytime is a good time to clean and get organized but spring is a particularly good time.

In the WINTER, our energy levels are lower due to the cold and dark atmosphere. This is not always the best time to do a deep purge because we should be honoring what our bodies need most, which is rest and comfort. We are already experiencing the exhausting affects of winter and we can adjust our pace to reflect that of nature.

However, when SPRING arrives it gives us new life. We feel rejuvenated, we feel more warmth, we are able to enjoy the fresh air in more comfortable temperatures. Springtime is incredibly refreshing, so to honor adjusting our pace with that of nature, this is a great time to refresh our inner living spaces.

Embracing change

As humans, we need change to keep us on our toes so that we don’t get complacent. In complacency, we can experience negative thoughts, unhealthy cycles, and hinder personal growth. When we hinder growth, we miss out on opportunities that allow us to experience life to it’s fullest. Thus, partaking in spring cleaning welcomes positive and motivating change into our lives. Even if it requires some work, it’s well worth the effort because it creates an environment that will support the lifestyle you desire.


FREE Spring Cleaning Checklist:

If you need some help with getting started, download your free checklist with journaling prompts to help you stay focused and motivated. You can print it out or fill it via pdf.

If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you declutter and get organized this Spring, click here to get in touch with us!





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