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4 Ways To Label Your Stuff At Home

You don’t necessarily NEED labels, but they can change your life by keeping organization manageable. Labels can make your life easier by:

  • Creating a HOME for every single item or category of items that you own.

  • When you live with multiple people, labels make it easier for everyone to put things back exactly where they belong AND make it quicker to find.

  • They can create a beautiful aesthetic that can complete your organizational system!


Depending on your budget, aesthetic and desire for flexibility, here are our 4 favourite ways to label your stuff:

1. Gift tags

You can stick gift tags to containers with tape and write on them with sharpie OR hang them with string/twine! (It usually comes with the pack)


2. Chalk marker

This is a great option for flexibility as you can wipe off the label and change it anytime you want. I like to use chalk marker on clear containers where I can write the expiration date. The only thing to be cautious about is keeping wet hands away from the label to prevent it from wiping off easily.

You can also use chalk marker on black gift tags (like we did in the photo below) to make them visually pop!


3. Sticker labels

You can buy these online or in stores and sometimes they come WITH the product you're buying, like with these spice jars below. OR...

You can customize your own like what we’ve done here with Avery Labels and a Canva template!


4. Label maker

Here, we've used the client's mechanical embosser with black tape:

But, I personally prefer my bluetooth printer (Brother PT-P300BTAD P-Touch Cube) because you can customize the font and size:


And there you go! Are there other ways that you like to label your stuff? If you feel overwhelmed by the whole organizing process and are looking for some help, get in touch with us by clicking here or send us an email at

Happy labelling and I hope this helps!



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