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Decision Fatigue: What is it and how can you avoid it?

Have you ever felt super indecisive or mentally foggy by the end of the day? These can be symptoms of decision fatigue, which is when your brain has reached its capacity to make decisions.

We are constantly making decisions throughout the day: what to eat, what to wear, what to post on social media, how to respond in emails, etc… All of these small choices can add up. So when you’re actively decluttering and organizing, it’s a common experience because it involves constant decision making; what to keep, what to sell, or where to store.

If you're an overthinker on top of all of this, you probably find yourself indecisive (like me). Chances are you may procrastinate and amplify decision fatigue even more. For instance, sometimes I ruminate over what time I want to leave to simply run errands. This overthinking leads to delaying my trip to the grocery store and when I realize how much time I've spent just THINKING about it instead of DOING IT, it doesn't feel good and it drains my energy.

So, if you want to avoid decision fatigue or simply prepare for a decluttering session, here are 3 ways to do so:

Tip #1 - Repetition

Follow the same morning routine. Eat the same breakfast every morning. Obviously, it's great to try new things every once in a while but repetition will give you ones less decision to make. If you choose to eat the same breakfast every morning, prepare something that you LOVE to eat in order to make it easier to repeat. If you don't want to eat the exact same thing every day, just eat something similar.


Tip #2 - MINIMIZE CLOTHING: create a wardrobe capsule or uniform outfit

Do you know why Steve Jobs wore the same black turtleneck every day even though he was a billionaire? Because he wanted to focus his decision making on what was really important.

Now I’m not saying to wear the exact same outfit every day, but if you know what fits your body type really well and what makes you feel amazing, stick with it. More clothes means more options to choose from. Less clothes will make it quicker and easier for you to decide what to wear. If you KNOW that every item fits you well and you love how it makes you feel, then every outfit you create will be great and you’ll spend less time fussing over what to wear today.


Tip #3 - Take more breaks throughout the day

Set a timer to work in designated focused time blocks. I like to use 30 - 45 minute timers so that I can execute focused work. Then when the timer goes off, I give myself 5-10 minutes to unplug, stretch, move, refuel and recharge. If you try this, you may find yourself more productive and have better mental stamina when it does come time to work.


Ultimately, when it comes to decluttering, sometimes all you need is moral support. Someone to say, “yeah you don’t need that anymore” or “let me help you take these to a donation center”. It will reduce some of the stress of making difficult decisions, it will keep you accountable, and it will make it more enjoyable. If you’d like this kind of support and guidance, get in touch with us!





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